Thursday, January 8, 2009

Orchids Update

Here are some pictures of AK's orchids, that are blooming in the office right now.
I actually have several orchids at home just started to open. I will take some pictures and post them when they have at least one flower fully opened. So far, 11 of my orchids are blooming or going to bloom soon. It's kind of earlier, compare to the past two winter. Told you my house is more beautiful in winter, I will have pink, white, yellow, orange, and burgundy flowers among the different shades of green. And I am pretty sure my Amaryllis will bloom again, it is the rich red color. And my cyclamen came back from dormancy, it has tons of leaves, and I think some of the leaves actually belong to baby bulbs growing around it. There is no sign of flowers though, but I believe it will bloom very heavily and happily for me again. It bloomed nonstop for almost 2 years before it went dormant, and the dormancy lasted very long, almost 10 months. I actually thought it was dead, looked like a rock. We will see.

Oh, I made some keychains last night. I was making something else for two custom orders, then I got into the mood. Yeah, I am those kind of people who's very moody, and I have to be in the right mood to create. I left the tails on all of them, in case someone like the tails. They can be easily cut off upon request. I am giving the dark green one to one of my coworkers as birthday gift, the others will be in my shop soon. I took these pictures before I left the house this morning, so the white background was the easiest. If I had more time, I would use some colorful background.

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