Thursday, April 23, 2009

Best Friend's Baby Is Coming

My best friend Jackie went to the hospital yesterday, ready to deliver her first baby. But they sent her home, telling her it was still early. After she told me that, my little one started kicking so hard, for about 3 hours! I had no idea what was going on inside, the only thing I could think of to tell my little one is to calm down and stay inside, it's not her turn yet. (Oh, my OB thinks it's a girl. But she is not 100% sure.) Jackie went back after dinner, after some much needed rest. Nobody likes to rush back to hospital in the middle of the night. I am so anxious to know how she is doing. Cannot call her (she turned off her cell), cannot visit her either (I am fighting a cold). I so wanted to be there and support her, but don't want to risk spreading the germs to her and the baby, maybe everyone else there. They will kill me! HAVE TO WAIT PATIENTLY!

Haven't finish the gifts I was making for her new baby yet. I have been quite lazy, and fighting this cold for 2 weeks. Once I am done, I will post the pics here. Nothing really fancy, just something I thought the baby might need.

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