Saturday, November 21, 2009

Baby Nursery Update

Received lots of baby books as gifts recently. They were all over the room, made the already small nursery really cluttered. Finally made up my mind, and made a shallow bookshelf to custom fit the narrow space behind the door. My mom painted it white to match those floating shelves I made earlier. Now it looks so neat and organized.

I have looked everywhere for a perfect changing table or dresser, got lots of inspirations online. But it's so hard to find one in reality, which provides ample storage and matches our height better. Finally, we found a perfect solution. I have 3 elfa shelving units in the closets all over the house. Hubby tied two together, which made a perfect changing station, perfect height, fits our changing pad nicely, and has 8 drawers for storage. Now everything has its own spot, diapers, wipes, clean nipples and pacifiers, burp cloth, hand towels, medicines, and lots of toys. And not a penny spent. PERFECT!

Since there is only one window in the room, and that's the only spot my baby can get some sunshine, we placed the bouncer there, and moved the glider chair to the side, in front of the closet and changing station. I know, it's crowded, but we have no other choice. The room is just TOO TOO SMALL! At least it's working.


Anonymous said...

hi zhao xin, this is yingjie.
sent an email to your work address early Oct, maybe you have not got it.

congratulations again to the arrival of baby girl. hope to catch up with you sometime soon :-) take care.

Jill said...

I'm hoping you see this comment. I LOVE your behind-the-door bookcase and want to create my own. I'm wondering if you could share the pieces you used to build your bookshelf. Did you buy and cut your own wood, use dowels? I'm trying to figure out how you built it. Please get back to me:

sara325 said...

Ditto on Jill's comment. Can you post more info on how you did the book case?

AmyRay said...

I'd also like to know how you made your bookcase!!

Lori Borseth said...

I also would love to know how the bookcase were made. It looks great. Good job!

JN said...

I would love to try to make this bookshelf. Can you share details on how you made it please?