Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I am a pretty handy girl, who can handle lots of repairs around the house. But one thing I have absolutely no idea how to do is MENDING a sweater! That's why I kept all of our damaged sweaters in a bag, and handed them to my mom while she was here. She is really good at knitting and crochet, so naturally she is great at mending sweaters. Basically, if she can find a short piece of yarn from the sweater, she can make the hole disappear forever. She said I will be good at it too if I try, but I doubt it. It looks really complicated to me. So, yesterday, when I found this article about mending at Craftzine.com, I was quite excited. And then I found more. Maybe it's time for me to learn it. At least I can sew, so I can sew some modern patches on top of the holes to hide them. That counts as repair, right? Love this saved cardigan. Now, where can I find a sweater with holes to practice? My mom fixed all mine. I will have to remember to pick up one when thrifting next time. Oh, talking about thrifting, wait till you see what my mom and I bought a couple of weeks ago. It will be my next post, whenever that will be.

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Nan Ides said...

Tranquilityknots -
Everyone has their own skills and talents (as you do) as you have found on Etsy. Mending is just another skill to learn and once learned, can open up so many other talents. Here is a great way to learn all the basic mending skills - with illustrated step-by-step pictures.
Any questions, feel free to contact me.