Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Revisit One of My Older Favorite

I meant older favorite blog! I revisited Grosgrain today, and found some new inspiration. Found some tutorials I'd like to try.

Sprocket Pillow. Have been thinking about adding some interestin pillows to littler caterpillar's room. This one will be perfect! And the best part, a perfect scrap sewing opportunity.

Sleep Over Pillow. How lovely is this pillow case. We always had miss-matching beddings, so a couple of new pillow cases that matches nothing really won't bother any of us. I might need to choose some different colors, Stubborn won't be happy to use these.

For some reason I could not open the link to find the tutorial for this! But I have the exact same sweater in my closet, it's just a bit too tight for me, but I just love the embroidery too much to throw it away. I should try to make it into a cardigan like this. Maybe not with those colorful buttons. If I wear a belt with it, not buttoned up, it won't be too small any more. OK, I am definitely going to dig it out of my do-something-with-this pile.

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