Sunday, April 15, 2012

Back As Mom Of Two

Sorry for disappearing for so long. I got a very good reason.
Well, I was too tired at the end of pregnancy, then got even more tired after he was born. Better late than never. Here is our son, JJ, born about a month ago. I was crazy enough to do that much yardwork, after 5 months bedrest. I blamed that on the warm weather and spring fever. Anyway, I didn't notice my water was broke, which caused infection in both of us. Poor JJ had to stay in NICU for 10 days! Now we are both healthy and adjusted to the new life, and I am almost out of the traditional first month rest period, I can start working on my to do list! Tomorrow I will share with you my first sewing project after JJ was born.

PS. Just tried another trick to displine little caterpillar, and was surprised it worked really well. I calmly told her to pick up all the toys and books and clothes off the floor and put them away, otherwise I will give them away. After repeating this new rule 3 times, she finally got it, and quickly cleaned up the entire the second floor! And I used the same trick made her go to bed before 9pm! She can run around till 11pm normally. I just simply threatened to take away her favorite dress! Haha, why didn't I try this earlier? Maybe it's wrong to threaten your child, but after taking care of an infant all day and night, I just don't have the energy and patiency to fight with her. Let's see how long this trick can last.

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