Monday, March 2, 2009

Flower Update

I have been really lazy lately, so kind of ignored my blog for a while. Here are some pictures of some of my blooming flowers. I took these more than a week ago, just didn't even want to process and upload them. Anyway, here they are.

This is my "black beauty". AK gave me this last year as birthday gift. It came with 4 flowers, and the bulb was so fat. I thought there is no chance I can make it grow any stronger and bloom more. But look at it now! 8 gorgeous flowers! Look at the second picture, that is a mutated one, with two petals look like needles.
Here is my Cymbidium. It had 3 flower spikes last year, this year two, but the flowers are bigger and more. It's simply amazing.
This one is called "little stars". AK gave me this last year, and apparently it is very hard to trigger it to bloom. And I have no idea how mine started. But unfortunately, its petals stucked together for about a week. I finally decided to help it, but because it's stuck too long, it won't really open up. It supposed to look like my Hawaii orchid (the orange one), just in white.
I have several dendrobium, only the two purple ones in bloom now. I must did something wrong, some of the buds dropped. But at least I got some nice flowers.
Here is my Cyclamen. I showed you guys some before pics before, it's doing great now. Look at the flowers now, and there will be more.
This is the geranium I saved from my windowbox before the winter. I think it's crazy, growing and blooming insanely entire winter.
And this is a plant I rescued from office a year ago. Thought it would die pretty soon and will never bloom. Guess I was wrong.

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