Friday, February 13, 2009

The gifts

Here are the pictures of the gifts I talked about yesterday. I am not a professional, so don't laugh at my skills.

This first one is the fun bag I made for my sister. She only likes black leather, so I made her this black and white fabric bag. I didn't want some boring design, so used these small sample pieces I had. I think it looks cute.
These two are the market bags I made for her. The pear and apple one is medium size, while the other one is quite big. People shop at local market daily in HK, so she doesn't need huge bags. She can use the pear and apple one for light stuff, and the other one for heavier stuffs, since it has stronger fabric, and a lining too.
These two pictures are the same bag. I made it reversable, for my niece. I really like this leave design, it's very modern, and has lots of vibrant colors. I think it's great for a little girl, and it's not those boring pink or purple most girls have. So, it is unique.
And I made a pencil bag, coin bag, sunglasses case for her, using the same fabric.
I bought this gorgeous Japanese umbrella fabric recently. Even though it's a little bit dark for a little girl, I though she might like it. I even sewed a simple bow with that brown polka dot fabric, but it's really hard to see in this pic.
And finally, I am going to give my niece some of my bookmarks, bracelets, necklaces, etc. Haven't decide which ones fit her better, but here are some bookmarks she probably will like.


Anonymous said...

Hi Girl, I found another website for bag making, which you did not mention before, very cool too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry forget to post the website, I did that a lot..

TranquilityKnots said...

Thanks, I love that website. Actually put one of the tutorial in my tutorial section a while ago. But her bags are much fancier. I will probably try some later.

Mary ( said...

Hi Sally, Can't help but notice that you haven't posted for several weeks. Hope that you're ok. Thinking of you....


TranquilityKnots said...

Hi, Mary,
Thanks for thinking of me. I was just being lazy! =) Check out my new post for some nice flowers.