Friday, October 15, 2010

Applecrest Farm

Hey, just realized my blog became a weekly blog lately. Well, I spend more of my time at night play with little caterpillar. Now she can walk around freely, I have to chase her around and make sure she doesn't pull everything off the shelves or tear every book she can find. I will tell you more about it another day.
This post is about the second apple picking trip we did. Yeah! We went again, but a different farm this time. I told Stubborn that we don't have to really pick the apples. But he remembered me mentioning we forgot to take a picture of little caterpillar sitting on a big pumpkin, and one of my friend's baby girl looked so cute petting a coat. So, as stubborn as he is, and as a proud daddy wants all the best for his little girl, he just have to give it another try. Sometimes he is sweet that way. We droved all the way up to Hampton NH, to Applecrest Farm, the one I picked originally. The weather was great, we really enjoyed watching crisp blue sky and dark green trees with just a hint of fall colors along the side of the highway. Oh, let me tell you, this trip was a huge success! They have harvest festival on weekends, a good size petting zoo, pretty big apple orchard, big pumpkin patch, rows and rows of raspberry plants, horse pulled hayride, tractor ride, farm market, make your own scarecrow, hotdogs and BBQ corns, and the best of all, live country music! They had it all! Well, I can only post some of the pictures here, 'cause I don't want to make this toooo long. But you can check out more pictures from our trip at my flickr.

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