Friday, October 1, 2010

More Nature Pictures From Vacation

Just finished processing all the pictures from our vacation at Berkshires area. Yesterday, I showed you pictures of Tanglewood, some local towns, and botanical garden. Now I will show you some of the cool plants I spotted here and there.


Doris said...


Just had to comment on your beautifull flower pics. Seen your comments I think on Networked blogs. My goal to take better pics of my Jewelry designs for my Etsy shop. Keep taking those beautifull pictures and by the way of your little one sure is a cutie:-) I will be checking you out on Etsy today.

Have a great day,Doris

TranquilityKnots said...

Thanks, Doris. She absolutely takes over all my time, and almost dominates my camera! =) As you can see my store is almost empty, and I have boxes and boxes of items ready to be posted, just not time.