Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Chinese New Year!

I am so happy that year of pig is finally over. So many things happened last year, some were good, but some were really bad. I cannot wait to start over again. So, Happy New Year to my family and myself! This year my parents decided to spend the new year with my sister, so they are in HongKong now. They are very happy there now, with my sister, her husband, and my super smart niece, 5-yr-old Iris. Iris was so cute, she always trying to make me jealous by telling me what they were eating, and then she will laugh at me and say "You cannot even taste it!". TG, my hubby, and I ordered in last night. Lazy me! But I did cooked some veggie, and a nice soup. And I set up the table, romantically, with beautiful crystal candle sticks and traditional red candles. We don't drink at all, so some cranberry juice in the special glasses. Still very nice!

Chris1808 left me a really nice feedback a couple of days ago. I knew people would love my way of packaging. I used those beautiful white jewelry box, put the item in there with some cutton cushioning, and then wrapped the box with some nice scrapbooking paper and a piece of ribbon. I also sent out another package to Chris today, same style packaging. She is such a nice buyer.

And I got some custom orders today as well. A necklace and bracelet set for a 5-yr-old little girl! This will be fun. I got her measurements, will try to start designing tonight. Cannot wait to see how it looks like on her!

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