Sunday, February 17, 2008

Spring cleaning?

Since I bought the gardenia, my new favorite, it finally reached the point that I have no more space on the shelves. So, I had to rearrange everything. I am so happy that I bought this metal shelf unit (from BJ's). This unit is so versatile, can be put together as a 6 feet tall unit or as two 3 feet units. And has 4 casters, so can be moved freely. The best part is all shelves can be set at different level. Since my jasmines were just too tall, there was no way I can fit them into the shelves with the trellis. So, I ended up using only half of the shelf, and already blocked entire sliding door. I had my tall plants on the top shelf, medium height ones on the second, and small ones on the bottom shelf. So I kept the other half of the shelf in the basement, and felt so guilty of wasting it. Now I am more than happy to set it up in the small bedroom on the second floor, right in front of the sunny window. I moved all my succulents and dry loving plants to the second floor, and kept all orchids, jasmines, and humidity lovers on the original shelf. I washed all water trays and wiped off the mineral buildups from the outside of the clay pots. Quite a workout!
But I am so glad I did all these. Because as I was cleaning the pots, I noticed the last smell you want from an orchid plant, rotting smell. It is my yellow Oncidium, which finished blooming a month ago. I didn't pay too much attention to it, because it was re-potted last year, and even though the bulbs are so wrinkled, it bloomed nicely, and grew a new baby. And the roots hanging in the air was very healthy looking. Now I understand why AK said orchids sometimes can fool you. When I was re-potting it, I saw all the roots that were inside the pot are totally rotted! How dangerous! I trimmed off the dead roots, and washed off all old medium, and started over with a new pot and new mix. I have to be very careful not to over watering it again. Just hope it can survive. Here is a very nice tutorial about re-potting orchids. Hope it can help all the orchid lovers out there. Don't make the mistake I made.
Here is the result of 'spring cleaning'. The big metal shelf is right in front of the dinning room sliding door, the old bathroom space-saver shelf is on the right side, and TG's favorite, Norfolk Pine Tree is on the left side. They all look very happy now. The last pic is the other side of the dinning room.

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