Sunday, February 17, 2008

See what I found tonight

After uploading some new pieces to my shop, I went to read the Etsy forums. Love to chat with other people there, always something new and learned a lot about running Etsy business. And take a look at what I found. This shop called BeautifulJewels (at, and the pieces are so gorgeous, and the pictures are very professional. See how the crystal sparkles, yet you can still see all the details. Wonderful pictures. Just want to share this with you. I am a big fan of things that sparkles. =) It's a girl thing!

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Anonymous said...

Love these creations and thanks for dropping in to my blog.
Our baby is doing well. She got the name of UNO (standing for first baby, one baby, Number one)
Our Galah I have named Princess (Prinny for short) She is a pink princess.
See you back again.
Your baby orchids look perfect. That is one thing I do not have black thumb not green.