Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Finally feeling better

I have been really sick for a while, and after last Friday's simple procedure, I had internal bleeding and the pain was unbearable! I could not eat, drink, or lay down even with full dose of pain killers. And because of the pain, I had to sat in bed for the entire night. I was exhausted next morning, and could not take it anymore, so we went back to the hospital, that's when they found out about the internal bleeding, and there were fluid accumulated in my belly too. Also, since I didn't drink much water, I was dehydrated too. My blood pressure dropped a lot, that's why I almost fainted everytime I try to stand up and walk. Oh, what a horrible weekend. And then the pain got much better, and just as I thought everything can go back to normal, I started having fever Monday night. It's on and off, and very annoying, burned off lots of my energy. I lost some weight because of all of these. And yesterday when I ran into my neighbor, she said I looked like a ghost! Yeah, I know. My cheek sunk in, and my skin, and lips were very pale. I could not walk 10 yards without feeling my heart pounding. I tried to work yesterday, but felt exhausted and went back home after lunch. But thanks to my dear hubby, TG, I felt much better today. He doesn't know how to cook great meals or those traditional Chinese herb medicines, so he needed to ask me questions constantly. But one thing he knew is that I have to start eatting. Ever since I got the cold three weeks ago, I totally lost my appetite. He kept telling me that I have to force myself eat, even though I feel nausea. So, last night, he asked me to find those good herbs and dry food in my cabinets, and cook me something very nice. Amazing! After eatting those, I felt better, and actually had 4th meal late night. And today, I felt much stronger, and very energetic. I haven't felt this good for weeks! Thanks, honey.

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