Thursday, March 6, 2008

Two more!

Someone just bought two of my items! Very happy!
She bought one of my favorites, the red button knot earrings, I wear the same one myself occasionally. I don't wear it all the time since I have more than 60 pairs of earrings, but I really like its simplicity. It adds just a hint of color and Asian taste to my outfits.

And she also bought one of the friendship bracelet. I came up with that design several weeks ago. I wanted to make something for two birthday girls in my office, nothing too fancy, but colorful and cute enough to go with all kinds of casual clothes. I found some friendship beads in my boxes, and worked them into this design. They absolutely loved them. So, I decided to make more and use different color cords and beads. Love the results. And they are adjustable, fit everyone, doesn't matter how big or small your wrist is.

This reminded me that I have to make a custom ordered keychain. I got the order several days ago, but since I am still very sick, I told the customer that it will take a while. I will probably make it tonight and post the picture tomorrow. This PanChang knot keychain is a huge success, plus this order (one red, one green), I have sold 5 already! And my friend, Tracy, wanted me to make this into her company's promotion gift! But since I only have a hand full of those cute copper bells left, lots of people will be disappointed later.

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