Thursday, February 12, 2009


at 10Am! I could barely get out of the bed this morning, after 8.5 hr sleep! I think from now on, I will need to sleep 10 hrs each night, plus some naps during the day!

I wanted to make my sister and niece some cute bags. But since I have been super lazy lately, nothing got done. So, from last Friday, I gave myself a week and pushed myself sitting in front of the sewing machine and piles of fabric. So far, I made 2 market bags and a fun bag for my sister, and for my 6-yr-old niece, a yellow purse (with matching pencil bag, coin bag, and glasses bag) and another one with beautiful Japanese umbrella fabric. They didn't tell me what they want, so I have to guess. My niece is in a very nice school, and everyone has to wear the uniform. So, cannot really buy any cute outfits for her. Maybe she can use some of these little bags during the weekends. My sister only likes black leather bags. But I think those are too boring. So, I am trying to add some color to her life. She can keep those very cute market bags in her black purse, and use them when she go to the market. I want to make more, but it all depends on how much energy I have left. I am sending them to HK next Monday. If I cannot make more bags, they will just have to wait till next time. I will try to take some pics of the bags before I ship them out.

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