Thursday, February 5, 2009

Fun Quiz

Saw this one on Jessica Jones's blog How About Orange, played it, and thought it was quite interesting. So here it is. It's Ikea's tool, to help you determine your design style, of course base on Ikea products. So, if you never liked Ikea, the result could be way off. I happened to like Ikea, and always wanted to get some of their stuffs, but DH is not a big fan, so we only got some curtains from them so far. Well, back to the quiz, turned out I am a "Scandinavian Natural", 80% Scandinavian, and 20% modern. I knew I don't love country or southwest, so pretty happy with the result. Now I have to find out what exactly is Scandinavian!
What is your style?

Oh, here is a couple of new pics of AK's Den. Nobile. He borrowed my camera and took the pictures this morning. They are very cute.

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