Thursday, July 16, 2009

Garden Updates

After several days of sunshine and warm weather, my vegetable are finally growing. I started late this year, plus the more than 3 weeks rain, they looked so sad. Now look at my cucumbers and celtuce! We have been enjoying the celtuce leaves as lettuce, and had a fresh cucumber already. There are 3 more growing nicely, and ready for picking later this week. I will remember to take some pictures of them. cucumbercucumberFemale Cucumber FlowerMale Cucumber Flower

And since I fixed the chicken wire fence early spring, I am able to keep all 16 of my celtuce plants. Last year, after first pick of their tasty leaves, some animal, maybe bunny, dug through my fence and finished them all. I was so mad! Hope these babies can survive the whole summer, so we can finally taste the sweet celtuce! Oh, BTW, my mom is here helping me out. That's one of the reason the vegetable is doing much better.

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