Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ByeBye, My Favorite Celtuce

Yesterday when I got home, this is what I saw. And this is how it looked like the day before. Apparently, a bunny or some other animal dug a hole under the chicken wire fence, and ate all 5 of my precious celtuce! All the leaves were gone, and the growing tips were chewed off as well, which means my celtuces have no chance to keep growing. 2 smaller ones probably can survive, since they were too small and the bunny just ate the leaves, didn't touch the stem. I was so pissed! That is my favorite vegetable, and not very easy to grow. I only got this 5 plants from the 30-40 seeds sowed. Great thing about celtuce is you can keep picking the lower leaves as it grows, (BTW, they taste just like lettuce), and when the stem reaches about 12" tall and 2" in diameter, you harvest the whole thing. This is how it looks like. Peel off the skin, and the inside is so juicy, crispy, and taste kind of sweet. So, you basically can enjoy it for the whole season. Here is my only harvest of the leaves last weekend. It was SO GOOD! But now, it's all gone, and it's cool season vegetable, so it's too late to start over. I guess no celtuce for us this year! How sad!

OK, enough sad news. My lily and gladious opened up, and they are gorgeous! Sorry about the darkness though, it was pretty late when I got home yesterday. And more happy news. Someone bought this yesterday.
love this necklace, and have been wondering why no one else like it. I shipped it out first thing this morning. She is planning to send it overseas to her friend, so hopeful it won't be delayed. OK, I feel better now.

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