Friday, August 14, 2009

DIY Nursery Art

Bought some simple frames a while back, planned to put some of my baby's pictures in there. Then after I installed all the floating shelves in the nursery, it suddenly hit me. I should make some simple art pieces for the room. Concerning about my baby's safety, I won't hang them above the crib, where they could fall and hit my baby on the head. They will be displayed on the shelves, which has ledges to hold everything in place.

Here is how I did it. A box of super cute "yoga goddess" note cards,
some scrapbook paper, a scissor, glue stick and double sided tape. That's it!


Leonor said...

I can't get over how cute the pink and blue china dolls are on your photo ledge in your nursery. Where did you find them and what are they called. For our newborn, Maya Rose, we have decorated in light blue and hot pink and these dolls would be perfect for her room.


xin said...

Hi, Leonor,
Those were birthday gift from my best friend. I absolutely love them. Now I gave it to my baby girl, they match the nursery perfectly. I believe she bought it on her trip to China. So, I don't know where you can get them in US. Sorry. But you can find unfinished dolls online, and paint them yourself. Here is one link I found.

If you want to paint them exactly like mine, I can take more pictures from all angle for you.

Leonor said...

That would be so "sweet" if you could take some close-ups of the dolls and send them to me! No hurry of course....I will take on that challenge of creating my own since I have an art background I should be able to paint them...what a neat idea. Thanks!!!

Love your blog!

TranquilityKnots said...

Hi, Leonor,
I am posting picture of the dolls on my flickr. Here is the link.

They only have designs on the front, so I didn't take pics of the back. Just continue the color and lines from the front. Or you can design the back yourself.