Wednesday, August 5, 2009

My Closet Office Updates

Remember how my closet office area looked like? One word, messy. Finally got enough energy to fix the shelves, and put everything back inside. Didn't want to spend tons of money on this tiny closet, so I used the stuffs I 'collected' over the years, some from yard sales, some from the curb, and the rest were bought on sale. Nothing fancy here, only the practical ones. With a baby on the way, I cannot 'waste' money on those fancy organizers I wanted now. And this way, I can be creative and frugal at the same time.

Bought the spice organizer 9 years ago at a church thrift store in NH. Painted it warm white, and the bottles and drawers will hold some tiny scrapbooking materials. Got the display shelf free at a yard sale 3 years ago. Painted it the same white, and it's holding my stamps and the metal jars.

Don't have a place or special organizer to hold my scrapbook paper and albums. So they are sitting on top of a yard sale side table, underneath the desk. I think it's a good way to use a dead space, and it also holds some of my plastic paper/file holders.

Found these office magazine holders in recycle bin outside my office one day. Great, free organizers! After some scrapbook paper and tape, they look good enough for my small office. Now they are holding my BHG magazines.

Need some organizers to hold my color pens, brushes, and other small tools. So, I went to the basement, and found some metal cans I saved a while ago. Just tape some leftover scrapbook paper on and here they are.

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