Wednesday, August 26, 2009

ThankYou Cards

DH's coworkers threw us a baby shower yesterday. Too bad I am bed resting, couldn't go. They are so nice, gave us tons of cute gifts and some really nice homemade special gifts. To show our appreciation, I decided to send them homemade Thankyou cards individually, which means I had to make 44 cards! Guess we can just send them a group email, but I think that's kind of rude. Lucky I started preparing days back, so far I made about 50. Enough for this time.

Made these from scratch, including the envelopes. Didn't want to use real button, it will be too thick to mail. Found a cute scrapbook paper of buttons. Perfect!

These are easier. Bought lots of plain notes a while back, just glue some scrapbook paper and cute cutouts. Ta-Daa!

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