Thursday, September 30, 2010

Tanglewood Vacation

Just realized I haven't process and upload pictures from our vacation a month ago! Well, I have my excuses, exhausted from the trip, busy preparing for little caterpillar's big party, working hard on getting perfect portraits of her, etc. Anyway, now that I have a little bit time, I decided to tackle it. I have to do it quickly, so I will have time for apple picking, pumpkin picking, hay ride, foliage sighting, .... So many great outdoor activities in next month, I can hardly wait. That also means tons of new pictures will be taken. OK, enough of this. Now drum roll please!

Here are some pictures we took at Tanglewood at a family friendly concert, on a rainy day! We got there 5min before the concert started, and because of the rain, there were not many people there, and they allowed babies inside the shed! Even though we could only sit at the back row, it was already much better than sitting on the wet grass. Little caterpillar loves music. So, no surprise to us, she decided to 'sing' along in the middle of it. *v* You have to be there to see how fast we reacted. We didn't want to disturb the musicians and bother other audience. Stubborn quickly got up, jumped over the seat to the outside, and I unbuckled little caterpillar, took her out of the stroller, and handed (definitely no throwing) her over to Stubborn, and he walked as fast as he could into the yard. We were such a great team. Maybe we should enter some of those game shows. Hmmm, maybe not. Anyway, it was cold and windy, and we forgot to take her jacket out of the car. So, Stubborn, being a great daddy he always is, took off his own and wrapped it around her. During the break, I put little caterpillar in the stroller and pushed her around, so Stubborn can enjoy the concert. I have to say, the view was amazing, the music was fantastic, plus the drizzling rain, everything seemed more mysterious. Of course, I had to take as many pictures as I could. Only this time, little caterpillar was not the star. Sorry baby!

The whole summer was hot and dry, then it just had to rain on our vacation. But we didn't mind that at all. Our vacation has always been relaxing, we just aren't those fun chasing couple. We got to enjoy the facilities at the resort (a timeshare resort). We played lots of games inside, swam everyday in the indoor pool, played mini golf many times, and most importantly enjoyed lots of family time in our apartment.

The last day we were there, it was sunny and very nice. We visited Tanglewood one last time, listened to their rehearsal, toured the field. Then we stopped by some small local towns,
and a botanical garden.

OK, this post is getting too long. To see the more pictures of our trip, please jump to my flickr. I will posting more pictures after processing them tonight.

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