Friday, February 11, 2011

Men Who Make me Go Weak at the Knees

Saw Benita's post today on her fabulous blog Chez Larsson, Men Who Make me Go Weak at the Knees. Thought it could be a great end of week post. Finally a week without shovelling, you gotta vent your energy somewhere else, right? Don't get mad, Benita, that I just stole your post title, it's just too cute!

Here is the list I wrote down. A girl can have more than one love, cannot we?

Sean Connery. DEFINITELY! Any age, my heart just skip a beat everytime I saw him (on screen of course).

Pierce Brosnan. Fell in love with him when I was a teenager, in Remington Steele. Cried so hard when heard the rumor that he died (so many many years ago). My knees went weak everytime I watched "The Thomas Crown Affair".

Toby Stephens, in Jane Eyre. I have seen many version of this wonderful novel, but love this one the most. My heart aches even just think of it now.

Mark Harmon, in NCIS.

Who is on your list?

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