Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sick Again?

Poor little caterpillar started coughing yesterday. Not very bad, just a little bit. But she woke us up earlier this morning, around 2Am, very unhappy. She was having runny nose, and was breathing kind of harder. But at least, she was still very energetic, played 'with' mommy for an hour and half. Well, she looked much better this morning, but I just don't know how bad this can become and how long this will last. Actually this is the first time she ever had a cold! So obviously we don't really know how to help her feel better. Guess lots of reading to do tonight. Any one wants to share some tips?

Oh, I have been working on a secret project lately. It supposed to be Xmas gift for my best friend's son, but one thing after another, it just got postponed till now. I already finished the item itself, just need to quickly make a matching bag for it, so the little boy can carry it around with him easily. Stubborn asked me why I spend so much energy making this, instead of buying him something. Well, first of all, they are just not out there. And second, they are moving overseas in a couple of weeks, so I cannot buy something that's too big. I will show you some pictures after I am done with it. I am pretty sure he will love it, and enjoy it for years to come.

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