Tuesday, February 22, 2011

TranquilityKnot Is Back Again

Ever since we had little caterpillar, all our attention went to her. Of course, she is our highest priority. Meeting her every needs and playing with her became our only activities when we are home. I do get about 1-2 hours 'free' time at night for crafting or sewing, after she went to bed. But those are mainly for my girl, or our friends' babies. Did I mention there are 3 boys about her age, and 3 new babies, oh, plus 4 5-year-olds, I have been quite busy with all kinds of gifts. Guess it's my own fault, I like to give away handmade gifts.

Anyway, only recently, I started listing some of my knots in my shop again, and was pleasantly surprised. People has been adding my shop and items to their favorites, and sold 6 items in less than a month. It's not very impressive for most Etsy sellers, but since I haven't spent any time or energy promoting them, this is quite exciting. And the last four were bought by a returning customer too. Hooray! I got returning customers! All I can say to these people who are supporting me is THANK YOU! I have lots of new designs in mind, they will some to my shop soon. You won't be disappointed!

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