Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Pregnancy Photo

Well, for this pregnancy it is. Since Stubborn isn't really so hot about the idea of documenting one of the most important time in my life, or should I say our life, I kind of lost the mood. So, instead of creating a wonderful shirt like this, I just went with a very simple one I got from Old Navy recently. And since I think he has been deliberately taking unfocused pictures of me to get out of the photographer's job, I just set up my tripot and took these pictures myself. So, no time to pose, and very unhappy faces. I am ok with being the one behind those lenses all the time when we are out having fun, and I love to document the love between two most important person in my life, so most of the time, I don't regret not being in any pictures. I know I will always remember how I felt when I took those pictures. BUT how many times can a woman get pregnant in her life? I really want to document my miracle pregnancy last time, Stubborn took some pictures for me, but all very random, bad lighting, and not even every other week. I really thought he could understand how I feel this time. I was so excited when I found out about this baby, had all these wonderful plan about documenting the pregnancy and the first two years of the baby. I even found some great inspirations online. Well, guess I will just have to settle with so-so pictures again. Forget about the sweet moments of little Caterpillar kissing the baby brother or sister in my big belly. But I will definitely do my best for my baby! I will not let my babies have this regret later knowing mommy didn't love them enough to document their lifes. So far, I did a pretty good job with little caterpillar. I know this time it will be harder, two babies under the age of 3 plus a full time job and a house, but I will try my best! I promise to you, my dear baby!

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