Monday, October 10, 2011

Perfect Weekend Wasted

Had some wonderful plan for the past weekend, since it supposed to be in the 80s! Rare for this time of the year, and big change from last week 50s weather. I felt normal Sat morning, but by that afternoon, I started to feel exhausted. OK, so I thought, I will just take it easy today, and gather enough energy for tomorrow's trip. We planned to drive all the way up to White Mountains to see the foliage. It will be little caterpillar's first time, and last time being the only child. The trip will be at least 3 hours one way, so I didn't really cook or do the dishes, and relaxed for hours. But when I woke up Sun morning, I was totally surprised with this totally drained feeling! stubborn also felt tired, and little caterpillar wanted to sleep in. So, I thought we will just rest a little more and leave the house later. But then I got this very uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, like stomache ache plus heart burn, not too sharp, but enough to knock me down. I took some Zantac, but still feeling sad and down. We had to cancel the trip, we still have time though, most area in NH the leaves just started changing. Maybe we can go next weekend, maybe we can see better colors then. I was in such a mess, I didn't even go to YMCA with stubborn and little caterpillar. I really wanted to take some pictures of her swimming, stubborn said she can swim by herself now, doggie style. And she loves to jump into the pool now! Well, I just have to take care of myself first, and there are still plenty chances for those pictures. I am really curious to know the gender of this baby, my body and mood is totally different than last time, I am guessing it might be a boy! But, who knows!

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