Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Big News

I have been hiding a big secret from you guys, but I think it's time to let you know that I am pregnant with our second baby! This baby is nothing short of a miracle! Remember I had a couple of really bad falls in July? I didn't even know I was already pregnant! Lucky the doctor only ordered foot X-ray on me, and I told the X-ray doctor to double shield my belly just in case. I still cannot totally believe this baby held on during those two falls! This pregnancy so far is nothing like my last, which was so smooth, no morning sickness, great appetite, and happy all the way. This time, I got not only morning sickness, but also some bleeding, had fever a couple of times, got some germs from little caterpillar and coughed like crazy for a week, and I seem to lost my appetite! Thank goodness I can still tolerate cooking, I cannot eat the stuffs Stubborn cooks. Every evening, I cook for about an hour, 4 dishes and a soup, so there might be one dish that little caterpillar likes. Yeah, we have been having hard time feeding her as well. I have been so tired too, well, last time I didn't have to deal with a super active toddler. Now every night after dinner, I just want to collapse in the couch and watch some TV. Stubborn has been really helpful, giving little caterpillar bath, giving her a bottle and then putting her to bed. She won't sleep if I am upstairs, she will play with me (even if I pretend to sleep) till midnight. So, while they are upstairs, I have to gather all my energy to clean up the dinning room and kitchen, pack up our lunch for the next day, and take out the trash. Thank goodness we have dishwasher! Since I cook a lot, I basically have to run it every night! I am so missing our nanny, but we cannot afford having her and sending our girl to daycare at the same time. Pretty soon though, we will have her back (or another nanny) once I had this baby. That will be a tremendous help physically, but financially we might have to work harder.

Anyway, now that I am out of first trimester, I can be sure this baby is here to stay, so I can start letting my friends know. And I can start planning somethings. Well, since we don't know the gender yet, I cannot really buy any new clothes for the baby, but what I can do is to re-arrange the furniture and set up the crib. Last pregnancy, stubborn didn't take good pictures of me, which was always one of my biggest regrets. So this time, he has to do a better job. I want weekly pictures to show my progress, and I want to have some fun with it.

I found this amazing idea online lately, has been looking out for similar shirt ever since. Miranda from One Little Minute shared with us the amazing idea of Maternity Calendar Shirt. Love how simple this project is, and Miranda and her hubby are hilarious! I think I have seen this idea somewhere else, but don't remember where. In that tutorial I saw before there was a collage picture of all 40 weeks of the pregnancy. That's exact what I want this time. Well, I won't have 40 weeks pictures, since I didn't want any pictures in the first trimester, in case I jinx it. But still I will start this project asap, maybe this weekend. I already bought a maternity shirt I think will be perfect for this project. Let's see how good I am at freezer paper stencilling.

I also have so many other ideas about documenting the new baby's growth, but that will be another post.

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