Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Cute Fish Purse

The day I saw this amazing fish purse, I knew I will make it one day. When Chinese New Year approaching, I needed to make a gift for a friend's granddaughter. She was adopted in China when she was a baby, now she is the love of the family and very healthy happy young lady (7yr old). I thought a cute fish purse is the perfect gift. Fish in Chinese culture is a wonderful symbol, especially around new year time, it represents abundant wealth and fortune and bless the family. What do you think of my version?
I just got a phone call from my friend the other day, and said her grand daughter loves the purse so much, asked whether she could bring it to school the next day! That totally made my day! What a wonderful way to use some of the small scraps! I didn't show it to little Caterpillar and Stubborn, knowing they would love it too much and won't let me mail it out. Now I know how it goes, I will make a smaller, yet even cuter one for my girl. Probably use some of my nice Chinese fabric.

I said before that I am in full nesting mood now. A couple of weeks ago, I brought out little Caterpillar's carseat, and decided to make a boyish cover for it. It was all pink and brown, very girly. So I got some sample fabric pieces from my stash, and made this simple cover. Finally I finished the edge with bias tape, and sewed the openings for the harnesses. Doesn't it look cute for a baby boy?

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