Sunday, January 15, 2012

Pregnancy Glucose Tolerance Test Side Effect

Had my 1 hour glucose tolerance test lasf Friday. It was a new one, I didn't need to fast! Had early lunch and went for the test and my OB visit. I felt completely normally after the test, even spent a couple of hours chatting with co-workers and friends at the office. The drive back home was very slow, but I thought I was just tired. But the next morning when I woke up, I felt like crap. I noticed some of my joints started getting painful, I had that with little Caterpillar too. But Sat morning, the pain in my hips area was almost unbelievable! And I felt nauseated, exhausted, headache, and depressed! As a matter of fact, I cried so hard thoughout the whole day! Stubborn didn't get it at first, but then I told him I got so worried that our baby boy might come out too early! At only 30wks, he will survive, but probably will have to spend months in NICU, and might get lots of problems. I have never felt so bad and depressed ever, not even when they told me I was 2cm dilated at 31wk pregnant with little caterpillar. I was so tired, took long long naps, and went to bed much earlier. Today I woke up felt much better, so happily I went downstairs and cooked some nice breakfast for the family. But 2 hours after breakfast, I collapsed in the sofa again, feeling like carrying tons of bricks. Ended up taking an 4 hours nap without lunch. Then had only 1 slice of pizza for dinner, and felt like dying again.

After some research online, I feel a little better knowing that I am not the only one had these kind of side effects after these tests. But most women had the symptoms within hours after drinking that orange stuff, while I was fine that day, and having these long effects for 2 days so far. Stubborn just checked my result online, guess I failed. Now I am terrified I will hear from my OB's office to schedule the 3 hour test this week. I almost collapsed in the waiting room during the 3hr test when I was pregnant with little caterpillar. So, if I have to go back for it, Stubborn has to go with me, so I won't collapse while driving.

I am still feeling so bad now, but at least I know what it is now, I am not as worried. And my boy has been kicking strong and hard throughout the day, so I know he's doing just fine. Just feeling guilty that I cannot keep up with my little girl, and had to ignore her calling. Even videotaping her playing and singing for 5 minutes made me exhausted. At least 6 more weeks before my boy reach full term, my girl might feel lonely for a long time. How on earth do other moms handle them during pregnancy?

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