Friday, January 20, 2012

Everyone Is OK

We had to go to hospital last night. My baby boy normally is a very active and great kicker, so when he didn't kick much for 24 hours, we freaked out! He normally kicks happy and hard when I wake up, after every meal, and when I lie on my side. But he didn't kick until 2pm, after hours of me walking around, petting him, talking to him, drinking lots of cold juice, etc. Even when he finally kicked, he only kicked less than 2 minutes, then hours of quiet again! Finally I couldn't take it any more, and called the hospital after dinner. We had to wake up little caterpillar to drive to Boston, she was such a good sport, didn't cry, just jumped up and happy to "go out". Well, what you know, as soon as they put the monitors on my belly, he started kicking! WHAT?! It turned out he did a 180 on me, totally changed his position. Maybe he was tired from that, or he was kicking different spots which are less sensitive. I was so relieved to hear his heart beats and see him happy as a clam on the ultrasound. I even saw him practicing breathing. What a good boy! Even though you made all of us worry and went to hospital for nothing, we are all so glad you are ok. Oh, did I mention it was snowing very hard when we left the hospital? Stubborn drove so carefully. Lucky I didn't insist to drive to hospital by myself. He is a much better driver in these stormy situation. We couldn't even see beyond 50 yards on highway. Everyone was driving in single line, since the highway was cleaned up yet, we could barely see the marks on the ground. Anyway, we are all safe and happy, and life back to normal again. Hopefully he will stop scarying mommy and daddy again.

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