Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Cleanest Craft Room

This is Nicole Balch's home studio. If you remember the photoshooting tutorial I posted recently, I got it from Nicole's wonderful blog Making It Lovely. Check out her flickr set for more pictures of her studio and her house. Her house and yard experienced total makeover. In fact, her 'library' is so great, it was on the Home Magazine, Sept 2008 issue. You got to check this lady out. Here is just one picture of her awesome library. And here is her guest room. It's just so beautiful and calm. She probably has trouble getting the guests to leave. I want to live in her house. I also need her awesome organizing skills. Look at her mailing center in the studio! How organized is that! I have jewelry boxes, bubblemailers, wrapping papers, boxes of different size plastic bags on the table, under table, on the shelves, basically all over the place. I should designate a spot in my craft area just for shipping, and set it up like hers.

I am such a big fan of hers. Both her blog and flickr are in my favorite list, so I can keep track of what new wonderful things she designed or created recently. I will probably decorate my home like hers too.

OK, trying to make myself feel pretty and awesome here. These are my newest creations. They will be in the shop soon. Very soon, I promise!

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