Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Craft Fair - Part III

Here are some great tables at the craft fair. I tried my best to collect all their information, so I can link you to their shops.

This is Joanie Swartz from Joanie's Gems. She has been making jewelry for years, her crystal jewelry was a great hit at the show. She has been a vendor at this show for several years, so lots of returning customers, and they also brought their friends over to support her. So, she was selling non-stop!
And here is my neighbor, Christine Guanipa, from Little Man Originals. Christine has very sweet personality, and I really enjoyed chatting with her. I also got some great tips from her, like how to accept credit cards at a show, and where to get great deals on plastic shopping bags and stickers. Her bags was so well designed, and fabrics were all very modern and chic. Everyone loved her "Tom Boy" line, she had only four of those left at the end. Amazing! Wish I can find great fabric like that. You can also find her gorgeous bags in lots of shops in many states, even in Canada. And her DH designed that little man logo for her, very unique and memorable.
Claire Goodwin is one of the nicest person I have ever met. She knew I was a first-timer, so kept coming over and talking with me. She kept complimenting on my knots, made me feel really great. She told me about their knitting group, and she even gave me this gorgeous origami box she made. She loves crafting, and always keeps her eyes and mind open for new skills. She knits, crochets, and decoupages, you can contact her at 617-734-7806 to see her works.

I didn't take pictures of all tables, just the pretty ones, and the ones with wonderful owners. Yeah, there was one lady very rude to me. I asked her nicely whether I can take a picture of her great table for my blog, she was so offended or something, and ran towards me with her hands waving like crazy, and yelling "No pictures! No Pictures! Go away!" I was not trying to steal her design or something, if she didn't want it, she should have post a big sign saying "No Camera Please!" What if I took the picture without asking her? She probably would force me delete the pictures or break my several hundred dollar camera! She is definitely not my kind of people, very weird! But all the other people were great, they all gave me the biggest smile, and even thanked me for it!

This was Suzanne Parker's table. Her arts had the most amazing colors, and her recycled glass pieces were wonderful too. If you are interested in Suzanne's art, email her at barkingfoxart@yahoo.com.
This is P.J.Szufnarowski, from Art On Tour.
These fun pottery pieces are made by Karissa Chase, from Lilly Bug's Mum.
And who doesn't want to throw a tea party with Janet Frank's great products. Janet has the cutest tea pot set I have ever seen. Check out the pink set on the right corner.
Oh, almost forgot Tess, from The Maddest Hatter. I was very happy to see another Etsy seller at the show, and she was such a happy person. Since she has been here before, she had lots of friends, so lots of hugging and laughing. Can you believe it? She came from NH that morning, her hubby put her on the bus with 2 huge luggages full of all kinds of hats, and her daughter picked her up in Boston. We all checked in at 6Am, and we packed up around 6:30pm. She was still very energetic, while I was about to drop on the floor. Too bad I forgot to take her picture.

And here are some other tables that I forgot to collect cards.


Anonymous said...

This looks like it was a fun show! Thanks for sharing the photos!

LoveEtsyFeedback TagsAndButtons said...

Wow this is so cool you took the time to get the info of everyone and show us great pics!