Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Super Busy

I don't think I can finish everything I planned for the show on Thursday. Really! I am so tired working every night after dinner till midnight, and I have been making things on the train. I think I will stop making new items now, and print out some order sheet to take in orders at the show. I have to take pictures of all my items and make a simple catalog, so when later at the show lots of items are sold, I hope, people still can look at the catalog and find what they like and order it. That will be a very time consuming job. I am seriously thinking about taking tomorrow off, and work on the last minute things. And I posted a note on my shop front page last week, telling my customers to buy whatever they like right away, because I am going to take everything out of that shop for the show. I got several sales! I am so excited! But unfortunately, two items were just sample pictures, so I have to make them immediately. It won't take too long, but definitely will take a big chunk of my time on preparing. Please don't get me wrong, I am really happy about the sales, and really appreciate people buying my pieces as their holiday gifts. I just wish I have more hours each day. A friend of mine also ordered 4 more items for Xmas, I told her to wait for at least a week. She is very understanding, and even paid me full in advance.

Here are the items I just sold! I probably don't have time to make these again for the show, the customers just have to look at their pictures.

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