Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Table Display Ideas

I had yesterday off, and all of sudden I felt very nervous about my show next week. I bought some jewelry displays already, including several necklace display, a big earring stand, two tiny earring displays, and a T-bar for the bracelets. They are all black velvet covered, very professional looking. But my problem is every single necklace is so different, and I won't have enough space to show off all of them. I planned to display only the cheaper earrings on the big earring stand, and keep all the expensive ones in their own little boxes, and line them up. Probably need some kind of support to elevate them and at a angle. I heard people like eye level displays, and hate to look down to the table all the time. We will see. I think the bracelets are fine. I made some little pillows to showcase some, and put the others on the T-bar. Then how am I suppose to display my keychains and other smaller accessories? I am thinking about using my antique wooden tray, it's very dark, I think it will go very well with the rest of the black display. Next is my biggest concern. How should I display my nursing covers? I don't have a mannequin, so people won't be able to see it from a distance. I am thinking about keep most of them in their own plastic bag, and only leave one or two out for demo and display. Maybe I should borrow my neighbor's huge stuffed animal. Hmm, a big bear with a nursing cover? Weird! Any suggestions? And since this show is indoor, it's kind of dark there. (we are not allowed to use extra lighting, for safety concerns. It's a hospital.) So, I am thinking about putting some framed mirrors on the table to reflect the lights, but worrying about distract people. I found some boxes, and wrapped them up, so I can elevate some of my displays to eye level. I found some great ideas on flickr, some are elegant, some are cute. Mine will be totally different, since I have both jewelry and sewing products, and my stuffs are all very colorful, I think professional and elegant should give people some calm feelings. I will start testing with what I have, and post some pictures here for suggestions. Ok, here are the ones I like. This one is from Adorned By Robin These three are A Pretty Rock's tables at different shows.These last two are from Destiny's Creations.


Em Natural said...

I also run a craft booth and I completely understand the dilemna. This year I looked to others for inspiriation. I found a great picture but alas can't find the source. Have you looked into getting some kind of stand or small bookcase you can set on your table,you can nicely fold your nursing covers in it and display one or two nearby on ?hangers? That might draw the customers eye upward and display the cute and colorful fabric you used. Or take a large photo of someone using one of them and display that in a large standing frame..Another idea--to make the customer feel like they aren't looking down is to add some floral arrangements in a nice tall vase (like fall branches) on the table. This fills the negative space and might elevate your your blog about cleansing of the sewing room really inspired me! Good Luck!
oh and you might want to check this website out for more inspiration
~emmy b

TranquilityKnots said...

Oh, Emmy. Thanks so much for your input. I really like the idea of the small bookcase. I might have something in the house already. Thanks again. I was also thinking about using some flower arrangement. Since real flowers are not allowed, (hospital policy), I will probably use the ones I made years ago, with my chinese knots of course. I think they are so unique, not only will it provide some vertical interest, it can also show the customers what else I can do.
Thanks again. I love that decor8 website too. Also the design sponge.