Monday, April 14, 2008

Messy situation

I am in BIG trouble! DH left on Sat morning, so I jumped right into my secret plan. I pulled everything out of my closet office, and started painting. I have some leftover paint in the basement, from other paint jobs around the house, so I didn't buy new paint this time. My original plan was to paint the entire closet the pale blue color, which I think looks very nice against the green color of that room's walls. Even though I ran out of the blue paint very fast, lucky for me, it covered the front wall. So, I had to use some lavender color paint for the side and back walls, where no one else but me can see it, and it happened to be one of my favorite colors. So, I am fine there. Then when I finished and turned around, I realized how many stuffs I had. My boxes and containers were all over the room! And those are not even all I have. I have more boxes in the living room and other closets too! How am I supposed to fit all of them back into the small closet? My solution was INSTALLING MORE SHELVES! A quick trip to Lowe's and very simple installation later, I got myself more storage space. The only thing left is to put everything back to their place. But here is how I got into trouble. I started noticing some stuffs need to be organized and rearranged. As you know, I am REALLY GOOD at organizing, at least I think so. So, all kinds of tiny things flew out of the boxes and onto the desks and floor, and that was just the beginning of my trouble. Since I am deep in organizing mood, when I went downstairs to grab more plastic boxes, I noticed other things I should do, and without hesitation, I started doing those too. So, the snowball kept growing. Now I have the winter clothes all over the bedrooms and living room waiting to be packed and put into the attic (I washed them last night), I packed all winter boots and put them into the basement, and took out all my summer shoes. And I have some of my sewing projects on the dinning table and the sofa. My big vacuum, ironing board and some boxes are in the hall ways. And since DH was the one washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen, I have dirty dishes and pots all over the kitchen! My house is such a huge mess, like we have just been rubbed. I am exhausted already, and I have till Wed to clean everything up. DH always complains that I have way too many stuffs, that I should open a yard sale to sell them. So, for the safety of my treasures, I have to hide them before DH comes back. I need a team of people to help me out! Oh, I forgot to take a before picture of my closet office, but I took the during pictures, so you can have some idea of the situation. I will post the pics when I am done. I have ABSOLUTELY no time to do anything else, but cleaning up.

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