Friday, January 15, 2010

Children Folding Chair Before and After

Thrifted a children's folding chair a while back. It's very sturdy, just had some cuts on the seat, and some paint chipped on the frame. Found a small piece of sample fabric with cute design from my fabric stash, that matches the hot pink almost red frame. Totally forgot to take a before picture, here is one I found online.
And here is the after picture. I think mine is much cuter now. What do you think?

While I was searching for the product picture online, noticed a couple of recalls for the red chair (2004) and all the chairs (2005). In the 2004 recall, the problem was because of excessive lead levels in the red paint. In the 2005 recall, the problem was the safety locks. Checked the label on my red chair, doesn't have any of the listed numbers. So, guess my chair was made after 2005. Will look into this deeper. If there could be any problem with this chair, I will definitely not let my girl use it.

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