Friday, January 15, 2010

For All Soymilk Lovers - part one

Most of free Chinese newspaper have one page of good recipes every week. The most recent one is all about soymilk and alternatives. I love soymilk, and make my own at home using my JuYang soymilk machine. So, naturally I want to try them all and share them with you guys. I will translate them, try myself, and post them one by one.

Here is the first one - "Red Date, Lotus Seed, Soy Milk".

red Chinese date 15g
lotus seed 15g
soy bean 50g
sugar 50g (optional)

1. Soak soybean 6-16 hours. Soak lotus seeds to bigger and soft. Wash dates, remove the hard cores.
2. Put soybean, lotus seeds, dates into soymilk machine, add water, and follow the instruction just like you are making a regular soymilk.
3. About 15 minutes later, pour over the filter came with the machine.
You got your own freshly cooked, very nuturious soymilk. You can add sugar if you like, but I find it just as good without, and healthier too.

See other great soymilk recipes at Part Two.

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