Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Felt Fantastic!

Recently I have been thinking about making my baby girl some nice handmade toys, so did a lot of research online. Of course, there are lots of fabric ones that are very nice. I can sew a little bit, so those are not too surprising to me. But then, I found something very exciting, a whole world of softies and other items made with felt. You thought I was going to talk about feelings, huh? Got you!

Here are some wonderful pieces I found on flickr, and some of them are sold on Etsy as well.

The amazing poshplushies is creating a fantasy world with felt, buttons, and thread. It sounds so simple and blah, but everything she made is far from that, is MAGICAL! I felt like Alice in Wonderland. You can purchase the tutorials from her etsy shop, and make these little magic tree/mashroom houses of your own.

The hanging ornaments created by kirakirahoshi are so adorable. All her girls are so sweet, and unique. She also makes paper dolls, and cards. Her etsy shop is temporarily closed now, but you should bookmark it and check back later.

Look at this cute mashroom keychain from L♥valizious. How adorable is that? She also makes beautiful outfits for Blythe dolls. Check out her creations at her etsy shop.

How about introducing your child to healthy diet by letting them play with felt vegetable instead of those plastic toys? I bet your little ones will feel hungry when they see these from welshkaren. Don't know whether she sells them or not, you just have to ask her that.

This little guy is just too cute! It's from mkjn0206. The colors are so soft, make you just want to hug it.

Aren't this little girl adorable? Her name is Matilde, and she is made by Silva Leite. She also has a lovely friend, Emily. And also lots of yummy cookies, cakes and veggies.

There are just so many wonderful pieces and very creative people on flickr, just go and check it out for yourself. I am soooo in love with flickr!

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