Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Makes a House a Home

Read the most beautifully written and very inspiring post on one of my favorite blog Centsational Girl. It actually woke me up, and dragged me back to reality. I, like lots of other women, love those design magazines, and constantly search for interior design inspirations for our home. We try to find our own style while following 'design' trends. Those designer rooms do look amazing on the magazines, perfectly arranged, photographed, and printed. I always thought that is what a home should be like. It never occurred to me once that they are too perfect, not "lived in". In another word, they are just NOT a HOME! I cannot deny that some people might live that way, and to them that's home. But those are not my home! And they can never be! Why get angry when DH messes up the perfectly folded cloth pile I just made, or always leaves his shoes or coat in the wrong place, while he's working so hard to take care of the family? True, I have to clean up some of his mess, but I also depends on him a lot, both physically and mentally. I love the way one of the comment put it, home is "perfect….perfectly imperfect!" Why should I always get angry on little things, and overlook the fact that I have a loving husband (sometime not so lovely, sorry honey! =) ) and a beautiful and healthy baby, a very supporting family, and lots of wonderful friends. I should change my way of looking at things. Why didn't I thought about it this way, "the sink is full of dishes because it means my children and husband had a healthy dinner last night and breakfast this morning" or "beds are unmade cause it means my family had somewhere warm and dry to sleep last night"? Chasing perfection actually chased away lots of family fun and sweet moments, and may also left some scars in our hearts. What's it for, perfectly arranged pillows on the sofa? I am truely thankful for this post, it reminded me of all the blessings in my life and in my home


Centsational Girl said...

Very well said ! And so true. Thanks so much for the link and for reading.


baili said...

wow all of them are sooooo cute and for that little supper cute doll i can be a baby girl crying for it have a wonderful life dear