Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Great Blog

Just found another great blog, mairuru, written by a Japanese lady. Love all the stuffs she was making, the designs are so simple, yet elegant. And of course, those japanese fabrics, just to die for. She was so kind to post lots of great tutorials. And the best part is she hand stitches her stuffs, so for those who don't own a sewing machine and want to make some cute stuffs, her tutorials are perfect. Here are just some I liked, and you should go to her site and look for more.

Book covers

Fabric Covered Snap Clip

Pen Case

Patch Work Button Pouch

And last but not least, the Sarubobo Plush

She also post a link to another Japanese website about how to make a fabric rose. It's written in Japanese, which I cannot read, but the step by step pictures are very easy to follow. Guess what I am going to make this weekend. Yeah, a gorgeous rose and some sarubobo plush. That is if my little sweetpea will let me.

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