Thursday, February 11, 2010

Homemade Toys

Here are just some softies I made for my little caterpillar recently. I have so many others planned already, just need more time.

I made several extra birds when I made her this mobile. Little caterpillar loves the mobile, and now she figured out how to use her hand, she loves grabbing the birdies by the tail, and put the whole head or tail in her mouth. I wonder how that taste like.

I really love the softies made by Apple & eve. Since I am not that good with embroidery, I picked some printed fabric. It's my first attempt, and it looks ok. I just think the fabric is too busy.

My little caterpillar loves this one. She can easily hold on to the tags with both her hands, and bite on it. Oh, the best thing about all these three is I can just throw them into the washer and dryer, and they will come out clean and fresh. Just need to make more taggie balls and use different color fabric too.

Remember I posted some many felt toys not long ago? I cannot stop making them. I got so inspired by minami626 and Vivikas, and started making lots of felt goodies. The little lion and elephant are going to be part of the nursery art set. I will have to show you the finished pictures some other time, as I am quite busy preparing the Chinese New Year Party this weekend, don't really have time to finish the frames for them. Anyway, I need to make one more, thinking about either a baby hippo, or giraffe, or monkey?

This little scottie dog was my first felt toy ever, and it's my absolute favorite. Found the instruction online at allsorts. It's a wonderful blog, full of colorful creations, and brillient tutorials. You should definitely check it out. Since my little caterpillar is still too little to play with anything with buttons or felt (I worry about my girl might swallow some of the felt fiber), this little cutie will go on the shelf for now. I will make her a bigger one with fabric, so she can play with (a.k.a. chew) it.

Last but not least, the redhead pony Parsey. Got the inspiration from neverever. Of course hers are much cuter, but this is made by me, with love, I think my girl will love it. Of course because of the yarn (the fiber thing again. yeah, I am paranoid) I cannot let her touch it. So, it also sit on the shelf for now. I made a mistake, so one ear was longer than the other one. Ended up folding it a little, and since I bought so many felt, I made her this tiny flower, to hide the stitches. I think it actually looks cuter this way. And I have been playing with photoshop lately, really liking these black and white versions. It looks like antique. What do you think? The colored one or black and white one?

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Bellgirl said...

Ooh lovely! I think I still like the coloured pic best because of the lovely colours you've chosen, but the B&W photo makes me think a black and white horse would look great- or a zebra!