Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flying Kite

This past weekend was so warm, we couldn't believe it. And just enough wind, not too strong, but enough for flying kites. Stubborn bought 3 kites from China this time, for our little caterpillar, but I just think he wants to play with them. Anyway. The first one got caught in our tree in no time. So we had to go to a nearby baseball field to try out the big one. There is about 1200m string, but we didn't want to fly it that high, in case the wind dies, and it will be caught in some trees far far away. But it must went up at least 500m, it looked teeny tiny, and so 'close' to the airplanes. Letting it fly up high was easy part. Taking it down took forever, and we had to take turn, as our arms got so sore!

Love this one! Took this picture when the kite is almost coming down to the ground. Looks like a giant octopus is attacking our baby!

And I waited the whole winter to take some good pictures of her chubby feet. Finally got the chance. Something about baby's feet, just makes me want to kiss them again and again.

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