Friday, April 9, 2010

Hello, I'm A Flickr-a-holic!

or as some people might call it "Fladdict". I am so addict to flickr, it's insane! I search on flickr, like nonstop, orchids, handmade toys, baby dress patterns, crafts ideas, thrift finds, furniture before and after, etc. Then I don't really have time to try them, you know, the baby and all, I get really frustrated! "projects" piling up around the house! WHAT AM I SUPPOSED TO DO?! I also take tons of pictures, especially of my baby and orchids. I have to spend lots of time with Photoshop! And my computer will explode soon if I keep up with this.

Oh, I MUST NOT START 365 DAY PROJECTS! I MUST NOT START 365 DAY PROJECTS! I MUST NOT START 365 DAY PROJECTS! That is a death trap for flickr-a-holics / fladdicts! It sounds so innocent at first. One picture a day is no big deal! Then it turns to many, many, many pictures a day!

Oh, the other common symptom is checking contacts' newest photos all the time. Like I don't have anything else more important to do! Com'on, my house is a mess now!

Also if you want to know what other fladdict symptoms are, read this and this, or just google "flickr addiction". Apparently, this is a common disease, and spreading quite rapidly.

So, anyone has a cure for this disease? Please share and help.

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