Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Inside And Out

of the house, I meant. Here are just some shots of the happy flowers in my garden and inside my house. Enjoy the warm sunshine! Can you see all the flower buds? This baby is loaded! The smell is just heavenly. Cannot wait for my new pink jasmine to open. That one has lots of buds also.

BTW, that beer water thing really worked. The spike stuck at about 2"! Watered with half water half beer a couple of times, now it's about 10" tall. I can actually see the flowers! Wish I had done it earlier. But better late than never, right? This one is not like the common clivia, the flowers are not as orangey (is that even a word?). They are more like water color painting. Just like one of my lily.

I lifted the spike and supported with a stick after four flowers already opened. That's why the lower flowers look funny, turned sideways.

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