Monday, September 13, 2010

First Refashion Attempt

Hey there, I have been quiet for a week. Sorry, just too tired. This is the refashion project I meant to show you all last week. I bought 3 tops from Talbot outlet on clearance recently for refashion purpose. I didn't plan this, just happened to stop by there and saw the big sale. The cashier actually asked me whether I tried them on, since everything was final sale. =) I didn't want to tell her my plan, so I had to say they are for a friend. Of course she had to ask, I am a size M and all 3 tops were XL and larger! Anyway, I got them really cheap, and fully intended to make some cuties out of them. Stubborn couldn't understand why I didn't just buy something my size, instead I have to work on them. Well, he is not handy crafty type, so he doesn't understand in general how satisfied one can be after making something with their own hands. OK, enough talking about him. Here is my first refashion project.

It started with a XXXL top, with very cute neck line. I like the neutral (creamy) color, but don't like the shape. Of course, it's wayyyyyyy too big. Sorry about the lighting, it was night and the living/play room was very dark even with the floor lamp on.

So, I turned it inside out, put one of my shirts that fit pretty well on top of it, and traced around it.

Then I cut the extra off, leaving 1/2" seam allowance.

And I added sleeves made with cut off fabric. There was not enough fabric to make longer sleeves, so I made them very short and cute. I think the end result is looking pretty good. Sorry, I didn't take a picture of me wearing it. Maybe later, it's still in the dryer. Yeah, lazy me!

There you have it. My very first refashion project. Not too bad, huh?

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