Monday, September 27, 2010

Special Pictures

Have been planning this for a while. I used to take some staged pictures for little caterpillar when she was, well, not mobile yet. They all came out pretty good. But as soon as she can move around, it's a totally different story. She is too big to sit still, yet too little to follow commands or pose for the camera. Now that she is ONE, we want to take some good ones again. It was really hot on Sat, I had to clip some sheer (my gorgeous curtain fabric that my mom bought all the way from China, and it's the only piece big enough for this) to the temporary posts (left from her big party decor) to create some shade for the baby and filter the strong sunshine. Even with that, we were all sweating. But the pictures came out really nice. I put a blanket on the deck, and lots of her toys around.
Little caterpillar had such a great time, she even danced a little. Wish I could show you more, but Stubborn has this rule that I cannot post any personal pictures here. Sorry, guys!

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