Monday, September 20, 2010

My Baby Is One!

Time does fly fast! I cannot even remember what my little caterpillar looked like when she was just born! Interestingly, she woke up in the middle of the night right around the time she was born last year, crying, like she remembers. Well, she might be just hungry. But I couldn't get back to sleep, lying in bed, trying to remember what was going on right at this moment a year ago. I heard an old Chinese saying before, "after your scare heals, you forget the pain"! I tried as hard as I could, I just cannot remember the contractions and the pain! By pain, I meant it. I didn't have time to get epidural! Whatever I had been through, it was worth it! Now we have the perfect baby we were dreaming for. She is beautiful, smart, and funny, very loving as well. At the end of the day, as soon as you see her little face at the front door, all your stress and exhaustion just melt away. You open your arms and heart willingly, to all the laughing, screaming, even crying. My baby is one now! She already saying several words besides 'baba' (daddy in Chinese) and 'mama', she crawls really fast, cruises around the house holding onto furniture, and right before her big party, she made her first step! We were all so excited, just couldn't get it on tape. To us, all her little achievements and milestones are so precious, we try to memorize them by all ways possible.

For now, I just want to look at all these party pictures, and think about the fun we had. Stubborn thought the only reason I put up all the decoration is to show off, to get the words ("Wow, so beautiful! You are so talented! kind of words) from our guests. But what he couldn't understand is, all this is for my little caterpillar. For her to look back to when she is little bit older. She will see how much her parents loved her! Also, if I don't make it happen as I have been dreaming of and planning for for the past 2 months, I know I won't get a good night sleep, and I could have this huge stone on my chest and won't be able to breathe freely until her next birthday. So, even if I had to work extra hard and go to bed late, I had to do it. At the end, we had the perfect party! All our guests had a great time. Stubborn and I cooked several dishes, including two new ones I just learned from our friend, and I also prepared all sorts of games for the older kids and the babies. There were lots of laughters, tips sharings, and tons of pictures. At the end, there were almost no leftovers! All the games were played! And lots of memories were made. Here is just some of the pictures I took after the party. I recruited one of our friends to be the photographer of the day, and still waiting for the pictures. Between two of us, I think we took more than 400 pictures! Wondering how many scrapbook pages I will need to make. =)

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