Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Toddler Safe 2-D Felt Christmas Tree

Sorry for disappearing for this long. Things were just crazy, and I was busy decorating the living room with all things made with felt. Like I said before, I want little caterpillar to have a fun and safe Christmas. So here is the big reveal of my secret, a totally kid friendly 2-D Christmas Tree!

These are the materials I used to make the tree, very simple, foam boards, felt, packaging tape, and some other tools. And a couple of hours later, here is the end result, minus the decorations. Oh, I did filmed the whole process, if any of you interested, I will make it into a tutorial.
Update: I just posted the tutorial.
And here is the moment of truth. The tree lit up!
Then it was the fun part, decorating! I made lots of felt poinsettia flowers and felt ornaments. Plus some of the little wooden toy ornaments I had for years.
I think this tree is my best ever! So fun, and colorful, and absolutely safe. Little caterpillar loves it, she touches the lights, and pulled on some ornaments. Nothing broke, or fell off! Yayyyy! Huge success! A round of appluse for mommy! Yayyyy!

Here are the rest of the decorations in the room, some felt circle garlands, felt stocking, nutcrackers, and some glass ornaments. Yes, I do have glass ones in the room, but I hang them with some ribbons and taped on the wall, way up high, so little caterpillar cannot reach them. So, even though technically not all my decorations are made with felt, it's still totally toddler safe. You can see more pictures of my felt ornaments on my flickr.

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